About SV6JHQ

Στο Field Day contest του 2006
Field Day contest 2006

I was born in Ioannina Greece 1973 May, 9. I am a licensed Radio Amateur since 2003.

My favourite hobby was electronics since i was very young. I have studied Electronics in several schools and institutes. My proffesional occupation is related to Internet and Information Technologies.

I am working in an internet company [www.alfastar.gr] since 1998.

I live in the city of Ioannina, region of Epirus, in North-Western Greece (LOCATOR: KM09KP). I speak Greek and English. I am a founding member of local Radio Amateur Clubs, as well as a member of Radio Amateur Association of Greece (R.A.A.G.). Also, I am a member of the European PSK Club (EPC) [member nr. 574].

QSL information

Στο Field Day contest του 2005
Field Day contest 2005

My QSL card is available direct or via bureau. Also, for every QSO i upload an e-qsl card at www.eqsl.cc.


SSB, PSK – 40M/20M/15M BANDS


eDX [nr. 103328]

Detailed log of my QSO’s is available in my online Cloud based LOG BOOK.

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